Karma says it all….

The evil once questioned the good “You are always boasting about good karma, doing good deeds yield you good fruits and the victory of good. But don’t forget the people who are my supporters are always the first to achieve success.
Good remained silent for some time and the evil waited for the reply.
Good replied in a peaceful manner in a polite tone, “Till the end Duryodhana always thought that he was the winner as he was having the throne, the royalty and all the powers were in his hand. But what he lacked was a happy and a content life. When he went to his room to sleep he could not sleep as he always had nightmares of Yudhishtera defeating him and sitting on the throne. Which was never accepted by him.”
Then there was a question to the evil from the side of good, ” What do you think is better sleepless success or happy and contented life.”



​Lost in the darkness

in the world so bright

drowning in the oceans of depression and hurt

losing hope in the situations so adverse

then i opened the doors of my heart 

and windows to my soul

to let the fresh air 

Imbibe in the positive vibes

i swept up the sadness

and exofliate the distress  and pain

with open arms 

i will accept what i will get to learn

froms the darkest corners 

i gathered the pieces of my broken spirits

and with allacrity marched into this new journey

so many lessons i learnt in this expedition 

to dicover my real self

i found a treasure chest of knowledge

and learnt to beleive in myself

endrosing the challlenges in my future 

knowing that i will  triumph 

because i found a bright light shining in me 

which i know could light the whole world…

Summer In Winter 

At the fireside, in between the fleecy snow, she felt the warmth of summer when he covered her with his jacket. Beneath the sky dotted with stars. She felt herself to be in her world of those bedtime stories where she with his Prince Charming travelled the galaxies sitting on the comet. 

The exchange of jacket not only meant tranfer of heat from his body to hers but also exchange of love between two lost soulmates and making her realize that he still cared. 

Somewhere that gusty winter night ignited in her the hope that those of her 11:11 wishes are going to be true. That night two hearts found each of their’s missing beats when the two soulmates reunited foreever forming one pious soul. 

For her the summers were back in the winters.